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I made an Instagram Story when we finished our soldier drawing, and got tons of feedback on it! I wanted to share the process.



I love art, and the older I get, I really love history. I’m also very visual, so having an image in my mind as I learn something, helps to solidify it for me, and I’ve found my kids learn best that way also. So when I came across the Draw and Write Through History books, I knew it was something for us!

I let the boys each have a turn choosing what they want to study and draw. I think this gives them ownership and they’re more interested in learning about the topic that way. So they rolled a dice (literally) and Bexley got to choose first. He went with the WWI soldier.



I used Invention, Exploration, and War: The 20th Century. (We are currently using Mystery of History Volume I for our actually history curriculum, so this is more of an “elective” type activity)

The book directs you on how to outline the drawing in a few steps, then you are free to color and shade as you wish, but there are examples of finished products in the book. Using the book as my guide, I led the boys step by step on the chalkboard, outlining with white chalk. The boys used pencils on their pads.

Once the outline was complete, we chose colors, and I colored my chalk drawing while they used Prismacolor colored pencils to color theirs.



Finally, we did a little copywork underneath the photo. Once complete, we read a little more from our Usborne World Wars book.

I would definitely recommend looking into the Draw and Write Through History series! I will definitely be getting more.



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