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The Power of Encouragement


This weekend, I did a thing. Bo and I have recently joined a Crossfit box (Crossfit calls their gyms “boxes”) and have been going for about two months now. The owners of our box hosted the Festivus Games. If you’re familiar with Seinfield, you’ll get it when I say it’s the Crossfit Festivus for the rest of us!


Basically, the Festivus Games are for the 95% of us that do Crossfit unprofessionally…it’s for everyone. The Fall competition was same sex teams of two. We decided, “Why not?” So we signed up.


There were four WODs (Workout of the Day) in the competition. We’re used to doing one WOD a day, just FYI.Β  But one of my favorite weightlifting moves is the deadlift. And guess what? The second WOD was a deadlift ladder. In this WOD, there are eight stations of ascending weight from 95 lbs to 185 lbs for our division. At each station, we had one minute for each of us to complete five reps at that weight and move forward to the next station. If you were able to make it to the last station, you could rep out as many deadlifts as possible within one minute to score additional points for your team!


About a year ago, my one rep max for deadlift was 235 lbs. Well, we’ve been out of the gym for about eight months, and one month ago, my one rep max was 185 (sigh).Β  So going into this WOD, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it past the fifth or sixth station.


Fifth station. Easy.


Sixth station. Not bad.


Seventh station. Started to feel the weight.


Eighth station. You made it! REP. IT. OUT.


Y’all. I ended up repping 18 deadlifts at the last station!! EIGHTEEN! I repped as much as I could before dropping the bar. I look at the clock and saw I still had about fifteen seconds. Everyone thought I was done. Bo goes in to high five me, and I shook my hands at him and said, “I’m not done.” I got four more reps in.


There is something so powerful about people cheering you on. To see it on their faces. Clapping and shouting for YOU! I could see Bo yelling for me. I could hear the crowd around me cheering. I could feel the excitement around me.


And the best part? Our friend Bri got it on video!





I believe with everything in me that I wouldn’t have done even five reps had I not been in that environment with all those people rooting for me. So I’m asking myself now, who am I cheering loudly for? My husband should be the first person that comes to mind. And likewise, when he thinks about who’s cheering for him, I want myself to be the first person that comes to his mind!


I am forever grateful to have shared this moment with him andΒ have it documented on video! (Thanks Bri!)


Can I challenge you with this? If your spouse is not your biggest cheerleader, you choose to be theirs! Selflessness is not natural, but it’s well worth the choice. Choose encouragement and not criticism for even just one month and see where it takes you!


And if your spouse is your biggest cheerleader, let your overflow encourage others! Root for your community! Don’t underestimate the power of just a few kind, encouraging words.


Growing with you,




P.S. ……I just had to share these ugly game faces with you!!



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    October 17, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Proud of you both! I know Marissa and Payton were there cheering you both on! Wish we could have been there too. Maybe next time! Keep it up and know I’m always cheering for you both! Love and Hugs!

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