After visiting a Homeschool Convention in March, Bo and I decided to go with Sonlight as our curriculum choice for the upcoming school year. I was given a catalog the first day of the convention, and it looked like jibberish to me. I had no idea how to read through it. What were “Cores” and why were there multiple Core choices for each grade? So many options. The following day, I spoke with one of the representatives (who was actually a mom of four graduated homeschooled students that used Sonlight) and she was fantastic in explaining everything to me and walking me through the whole ordering process. My mind was at ease.

I’m not going to lie though, once I got home and prepared to place my order online, I hesitated several times. I wasn’t hesitating on choosing Sonlight, but choosing the correct options within Sonlight for Grammar, Math, Science, Handwriting, etc. BUT, I ordered what she suggested and stuck with it. Our order was Core B + C complete curriculum. The boys are in 2nd and 3rd grades this year. One of the attractive details of Sonlight is the ability to order “cores” with different ages of children. Math, Readers and Language Arts are individually chosen by grade, but Bible, History, Geography and Science are taught together. This was super appealing to me…and a time saver!

Counting down the days until it arrived was as agonizing as waiting for a fresh paint of nail polish to completely dry before putting your shoes back on! Oh the anticipation!


When it arrived, it was seriously like Christmas morning…but better. A box of fresh new books. Crisp pages that crack when opened. The smell of paper. The colors on the covers. Oh my. It was wonderful. I spent the new few hours sorting through it all and piecing together my lesson plans. Sonlight provides a HUGE binder with 36 number tabs to sort through each week’s lesson plans. The binder was a little much for me, so I ended up splitting my plans into four smaller three-ring binders by each nine weeks. This seemed more manageable for me.

Another super cool thing is the box turned into a castle and a rocket ship! The boys had so much fun cutting the pieces out. Not only was “box day” exciting for me, it was also exciting for the boys! Sonlight really knows how to engage a reader’s senses 😉





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    Kelsey Mays
    September 23, 2014 at 7:10 am

    That is so cool

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