A ton of the ideas I’m using in our Homeschool have come from several Podcasts I’ve subscribed to. I started listening to many of the past episodes even while the boys were still in school last year. I learned SO much information that truly empowered me to have confidence and excitement about my children’s education! Below are the three Podcasts I’m currently subscribed to.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the show notes website. Be sure to check out each episode’s show notes for links to books, sites and more information regarding the show topic.


1. The Read-Aloud Revival is my absolute favorite!!! Sarah Mackenzie is simply delightful! Her episodes are packed with wisdom and joy, not only from her, but from each guest she has on the show. Jim Weiss, Andrew Pudewa, Ken Ludwig and Tsh Oxenreider are just a few of the amazing guest speakers! Past topics include: Reading Aloud is Comfort Food, How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, Reading Aloud to Older Kids, How to Talk to Your Kids About Books, and more! As Sarah says, “Get the motivation tools you need to build your family culture around books.” You can thank me for this one later πŸ˜‰



2. The Homeschool Leadercast is a wonderfully informative podcast. It is a Christian talk show with more than 100 sought after speakers and leaders in the homeschool community. Their mission is, “to honor God and glorify Christ by inspiring, encouraging and equipping homeschool families so that they may make a difference in the lives of their children while raising a generation for Christ.” I learned so much of the core of homeschooling from listening to this podcast. Some of my favorite episodes include: Episode 27: Linda Hobar on world history and her Mystery of History series; Episode 55: Why homeschooling is the best option and why you are the best teacher for you children; Episode 61: Developing excellent writing and communication skills; Episode 68: Matthew and Ellen Gerwitz tell us about Common Core; Episode 71: Great gardening for homeschoolers.




3. The iHomeschool Hangout Podcast is a more relaxed one. There is a different cast of ladies for each episode that discuss topics for that week. One topic may include “Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool” and you get to hear the opinion of each mom and what works for their family and why. I really enjoy listening to how different families utilize curriculum and how they’ve found what works for them. These episodes are also filled with many curriculum and site recommendations. Another bonus to this podcast is that it’s actually a live YouTube video on Thursdays nights. So you have the option to listen OR watch the video! I personally enjoy watching the video when I have time. The ladies may sometimes display what they may be discussing, for example, wooden block manipulatives for preschoolers, that you wouldn’t be able to see if you are only listening…but the video option is certainly not necessary.




To listen to any of these amazing podcasts, you can download the podcast app through iTunes. This is the one I use:



I am sure there are many other wonderful podcasts out there and would love to hear of any others you may be listening to! πŸ™‚



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