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My First Improv Quilt


I love quilting.Β It’s my way of releasing artistic freedom.


A few years back, I got into modern quilting, and kind of fell in love with it. I recently finished my first improv quilt and wanted to share it here.


Improv basically means I didn’t follow any pattern or rules. I just cut and sewed. It was so freeing.


My inspiration for this quilt was from the Molas in Panama. The Guna indians there make them. They are beautiful pieces of patchwork hand-stitched together in geometric design. They are vibrant and simply beautiful. I’ve been attracted to them since I was a child and have purchased several over the years. I wanted a quilt to represent my love for Panama, so naturally, the Molas were the first thing that came to mind.


Below is a photo of one of my Molas I’ve purchased in the past. Isn’t it beautiful?!



This was also the first quilt I hand quilted…which took FOREVER!! But oh my, I love it! And I really enjoyed hand quilting it.



I’ve already got inspiration for my next quilt and I’m looking forward to sharing that one with you also! πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ Mo

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