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I want to share with you some of my favorite apps I’m using right now. These listed below are ones I use besides the obvious, major ones like Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


FreeSaurus – I am not kidding you when I say, next to Instagram, I probably use this app the most! I use it often with school and writing. This app gives you the option of seeing the definition of a word and the synonyms for it. So simple. So helpful.



YouVersion Bible – my church uploads their sermon notes to this app, so I went with it. The reading plans are a big seller with YouVersion. I don’t use them, but I plan to try some in the future!



Audible – Someone told me once that listening to an audio book was like cheating. I very strongly disagree. The only way I’m able to read so many books as quickly as I do (which really isn’t quick compared to most) is by listening to several in Audible.


One thing I like about audio books is that often, the narrator is the author. Even if I want to read the book in hand, I’ll often choose to listen to it if the author is the narrator. It’s as if I can feel the book more.


I’m in my car a good bit, so most times, I’m either listening to an audio book or a podcast. I feel like I’m being productive while I’m driving. Unless of course, I’m on my way to the gym…then I have to get my gym jams on!! 😉



Podcasts – I. LOVE. PODCASTS. Interviews are my favorite. I’m always down for a good Q&A, especially from those I admire or find interesting. The majority of the homeschooling tips and tools I use are from listening to podcasts and tailoring ideas to fit our family. I’ll make a post soon of my favorite podcasts.



MobisleNotes – There are a ton of Notes apps to choose from. There is probably a better one than this one, but I like that when I make my list, I can check off each item and it brings that checked item to the bottom. I use this mostly for grocery lists, packing lists, and to-do lists.



Evernote – There are probably 3,251,832 ways you could use this amazing app! I’m on a slow journey to go paperless, so I use Evernote to keep digital copies of forms, business cards, random pieces of paper with information I might need (but likely never will…you know those papers you just can’t throw away but really should).


You can take a photo of any paper document in Evernote, and save it into a named “Notebook.” I have Notebooks named “Church, Business Cards, Doctor, Forms, Random” and more. The “Doctor” Notebook is genius and I got the idea from a podcast by Michael Hyatt. I save any forms with information I might need when filling out papers at the doctor’s office.



Pocket – I use this app when traveling. In a nutshell, you can save website pages to view them offline. You’ve got to go to the site you want to save, save it to Pocket, and make sure it downloads fully within the app. Then, if you’re in the air or somewhere without wifi, you can still view your saved websites. I mostly use it to catch up on reading blog posts or articles while I’m flying.



I LOVE hearing of new apps that will help me be more productive and efficient. Please share one of your favorite apps with me below!!


Growing with you,



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