Homeschool Wrap-Up

We are officially wrapping up our first year of homeschooling! I actually planned to follow a year-round school schedule, but our summer ended up being filled with traveling and we will be gone for the majority of it. I’m not complaining though…traveling is what I love to do, and it’s always a wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn and be cultured. 🙂

We started our year with a boxed curriculum, and ended up piecing together different curriculums for each subject. I’ve officially labeled myself a “curriculum junkie.”

Hello. My name is Maureen and I have a problem.

We probably spent the first half to three quarters of our year figuring out what works best for us. I love Sonlight’s approach through literature, but for some reason it just didn’t work for us. I’m not sure if it was having to bounce around through several books each day, or that I’m kind of a rebel with following a written guideline. Either way, after a few weeks in the beginning, we stopped and I started looking at other options.

THIS is what is so wonderful about homeschooling. The ability to figure out what works best for your family and the enormous amount of resources and curricula to choose from is spectacular! (It also fuels my “junkie” habit)

We ended our year with these curriculum choices:




Bible: Sonlight and Seeds Family Worship

Science: Apologia Astronomy

History: Story of the World volume 1

Geography: Sonlight





Reading: Sonlight, Core B Readers for Broox & Core C Readers for Bexley

English: Sonlight & BJU (We started with Sonlight, then switched to BJU, then back to Sonlight. I prefer Sonlight’s approach but the boys dreaded Creative Writing, which is why we are going with something different next year)

Spelling: Spelling Workout; C for Bexley & B for Broox (found this through reading The Well-Trained Mind)

Math: We started with Teaching Textbooks while supplementing with Life of Fred. The boys got to where they only wanted to work in the workbook and didn’t like their lessons on the computer (surprising to me) so we switched to Math U See.

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears Cursive Handwriting

Phonics: MCP Plaid Phonics; C for Bexley & B for Broox (also from Well-Trained Mind)

Spanish: Middlebury Elementary Spanish I



Art: Mark Kistler’s Draw 3D

Dave Ramsey Junior (audiobooks are wonderful!)

Raddish Kids (LOVE!)



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