About Me




My name is Maureen, but my friends and family call me Mo. Ironically, I’m married to this really handsome guy, Bo. Would you believe we each had those names before we ever met? You could say we were meant to be together! We have two incredible boys, Bexley and Broox . We’ve had kids for eleven years, married for thirteen years, and been together for seventeen years. Wow. That’s literally over half my lifetime. Amazing!


Numero uno, I love the Lord with every fiber of my being! And I am incredibly thankful to him for my amazing husband! We almost faced divorce in 2010, and because of God’s mercy, we are still married, with a stronger, more grace-filled love than we ever could have imagined. Because of our journey, we faithfully teach and counsel about marriage in hopes of helping to prevent others from making the mistakes we did. Can I just say, GOD IS SO GOOD!!


I am a Certified Pastoral Counselor. I offer premarital training, which you can find here, marriage counsel, and individual counsel as well. I offer all my services locally and online…I promise, we really do have fun!


I am also a homeschool momma. I was “that girl” that always said I would never, ever, EVER be able to homeschool, and once again, I ate my words. I cannot tell you how much we love it. Like, so much.


I’ve always had a love for everything crafty. I love quilting, knitting, paper crafting, sewing, and anything else I can get my hands on. The heart behind this blog is to document the things I love.


I’m so glad you found this little slice of my life and again, WELCOME! 🙂 Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!